learnWorkflow: table of contents

table of contents

Chapter 1A Quick Tour of Windows Workflow Foundation
Chapter 2Foundation Overview
Chapter 3Activities
Chapter 4Workflow Hosting
Chapter 5Procedural Flow Control
Chapter 6Collection-Related Activities
Chapter 7Flowchart Modeling Style
Chapter 8Host Communication
Chapter 9Workflow Services
Chapter 10Workflow Services Advanced Topics
Chapter 11Workflow Persistence
Chapter 12Customizing Workflow Persistence
Chapter 13Transactions, Compensation, and Exception Handling
Chapter 14Workflow Tracking
Chapter 15Enhancing the Design Experience
Chapter 16Advanced Custom Activities
Chapter 17Hosting the Workflow Designer
Chapter 18WF 3.x Interop and Migration
Appendix AGlossary
Appendix BComparing WF 3.x to WF 4